Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Idol Journey

It had been a long while since I have updated my blog. Let’s see now, why was it that I stopped? Aaahhh, yes… I remember, it was because I got so engrossed with the Scrappin Moms’ Idol Challenge last year. Now there’s an experience of a lifetime.

Funny where one picks-up opportunities to discover things about one’s self. I bet some people may see the Idol competition as just a two-months long scrapping challenge. But for me and the rest of the participants, it was nothing short of a scrapbooking booth camp. In fact, there was a running joke between us participants that whenever the Scrappin’ Moms would issue their weekly challenges, it is akin to them barking we jump into hoops (and oh boy, some of those hoops are so tight and really seem impossible to achieve). That, we should never ask “Why?” but instead “How high, drill sergeant SIR?!”

Now, majority of the participants whom I had spoken with initially got into the competition for the experience and the fun of it. As the challenges became more demanding, I would have to admit, my natural competitive and survival instinct started to kick it. Towards the end, when I felt I was ready to fold and throw in the towel, it was not about competition anymore. It somehow evolved into something more personal. It became a journey. And I am not embarrassed to admit, this Idol journey was one of the shining moment in my scrapping experience which I will never forget. Thank you Scrappin’ Moms!

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