Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dots So Hard

Just for fun, Mitch of Visual Creations posed a challenge for a couple of scrap buddies in her store. She provided us with a choice of white or craft cs, use-all-you-want pps, flower embellise and a selection of beautiful ribbons. But here's the catch though, you can only use polka-dots pps on your layouts. When we found out, we exclaimed: "Oh dots sooo hard!" Then to make it doubly exciting, she added, "no additional embellisements to be used except what I provided and use of stamping should be prominent on the page". She did allow us to use our own American Craft alpha chipboards for titling. As for the rest of the materials, they are all on the house! OOooowwweee!

We were given 2 hours to finish the layout, but man, time really flies so fast! Being a self-proclaimed turtle-pace scrapper, I opted to do a simple sketch. My aim that afternoon is simply to finish a page and that, I did :D (Nita doing a little jig)

So I did a couple of cheats, but technically speaking, they were within the boundaries of the challenge:
1) I used decorative scissors to cut the edge of the horizontal pps. Somehow the textured edge gave the simple page a more decorative look.
2) Since I could not use brads, I opted to use the asterisk and periods of the chipboard alphas as brads and floral centerpiece. (Hey, they are still part of the alpha package!)
3) I just had to use my more-than-a-year-old-yet-still-brand-new foam alphas. I thought, Mitch did say stamping is okey. She just did not specify if it's rubber or foam stamps - hehehe.

But you know what, the minute I started bending back a couple of rules, I simply could not stop. Eventually, I broke the challenge rule and had to add some tini-tiny blings and a dash (okey, two) of stickles. "I couldn't stop myself... dots so hard! huhuhu" ;p

Thank you very much, Mitch for the beautiful materials and yummy snack. It was surely a productive and fulfilling afternoon. Mwuah! :D

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Just a simple cut and paste layout I did at the last April 4 Scrapjam in Clarkfield, Pampanga. While my talented companions are hard at work on their entries for the layout challenge. I just sat there staring at my pictures and kicking myself for not printing my photos in sepia or black and white which is the safest bet when attending meets like these. Oh well, another lesson learned.

It is a good thing though that my tablemates (Au, Cabbie and Mia) are very insistent that I scrap even if I did not intend to join the challenge. As Au put it, what is the point of my being there if I did not at least do one page. It would have been such a waste of opportunity. So I finally relented and bought papers to match my photo. I told myself I did not want to spend too much so I was supposed to limit myself to 2 pps and the craft cs that came with the challenge kit. But by some good fortune, they were having a sale on the pps so I got 3 for the price of 2. Whaddayaknow!

I am pretty happy with the outcome of the page, I must say. I am very thankful, too, that I have friends who does not take no for an answer :D