Sunday, July 29, 2007


I am so loving Simply Scrappy's circle template, as well as, Craft Express' chipboard alphabet. In fact, I have been using these two items for three consecutive LOs already. Au's template definitely made scrapping easier for me, it saves me a lot of time and I'm thrilled with the result everytime. As for the chipboard alphabet, I love the dimension it creates on my page and I liked the fact that I can paint it any color that would match my LO. But as they say, one must have diversity in life... perhaps for my next LO, I'll challenge myself to use Au's folder template instead. Can't wait to go back to the drawing board :D

Journaling Reads: If there's one thing I wish to nurture in you, it would be the love for reading. Books will allow you to travel in exotic and mystical places. It can take you back in time or zoom you far into the future. You'll get an insight on other people's lives and will surely enlighten you on a lot of subjects. It thrills me to imagine what you can discover in them and can't wait for you to experience these for yourself.

Inspiration: Becky Fleck's Page Map July 2007

Materials Used: Prima Petal Poetry pps (Lyrical, Refrain and Prose); Bazzill cs; Prima flowers; Craft Express chipboard alphabet; Hero Arts' Italian Poetry rubber stamp; Colorbox Copper Swift pigment ink; Artline Pen.

Other Materials: Simply Scrappy circle template; Cotton lace; ribbon; brass embellishments; rhinestone; acrylic paint.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Chasing Bubbles

Have you ever had that experience wherein after attaching the series of pictures to your LO, you find the lines separating the pictures to be distracting? Also, there might be items in the picture you wish wasn't there, or worse, you made a mistake just before putting the finishing touches to your LO. This happens to me once in a while (oh all right, a lot 'more' than once), and my usual solution for this dilemma are either create a distraction or camouflage the annoying item. In this LO, you will notice that I intentionally overlapped the swirl on the lines separating the pictures. Additionally, I placed a circle cut-out on the uneven grass line (Nita laments: "it was almost perfect, the last 2 pictures have already aligned - Bah!"). These are diversionary tactics I employ to hide an imperfection in the picture or the LO. Just make sure though that the camouflage wouldn't over-power the pictures or else it would defeat the purpose. Now I just hope I didn't over-power mine ~ LOL. Tell me what you think :D
Journaling Reads: Follow your dreams as you would chase these bubbles, with flight on your feet and joy in your heart.

Materials Used: WRMK Precious Metal Pewter Press Cinta & Jardin pps; Bazzill cs; Daisy D's journaling cardstock; Craft Express chipboard alphabet; Reeve's glitter glue; Acrylic Paint; 2mm thk. Daris Foamies.

Other Materials: Simply Scrappy circle template; Funky Brush Sizzlits alphabet.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Simply Because

I have been scraplifting since April of this year and happily contented about it. I must admit, I've never been as productive and creative as when I embraced this approach. It helps me get started and propel me to finish an LO in no time. As Jana Lillie puts it in Creative Keepsakes, "(scraplifting is) the art of taking someone else's good idea for a page, accent or technique and adapting it for your own creation. You look like a genius - and you don't have to break a sweat. What's not to love?" I totally agree :D (Thanks Lee, for the quote)
Journaling Reads: This picture is begging to be scrapped simply because you looked adorable in it.
Inspiration: Becky Fleck's June 2006 Page Map sketch.
Materials Used: Daisy D's Playground Plaid and Sidewalk Chalk Plaid pps; Heidi Swapp Hibiscus foam stamp; Memory Makers Magnetic Stamp (Rummage); Craft Express chipboard alphabet; Imaginations Camp Grandma stickers.
Other Materials: Simply Scrappy Circle Template; Acrylic paint; Pigment Ink; Embossing powder; Ribbons; Colored staple wire.
The Process:
1. Cut out the scalloped edge using the smallest circle in Simply Scrappy's circle template.
2. Lightly pencil a circle outline and use it as a guide for foam stamping the hibiscus flowers using acrylic paint. Then attach the picture w/c was outlined w/ white acrylic paint and stamp the corner w/ more hibiscus flowers. (By the way, don't do what I did... as expected, I was in a hurry again to stick my components together that I neglected to paint the edges of the photo 'before' attaching it. Doh! I was forced to mask the paper outside of the photo with magic tape before using a brush to paint the white outline on the picture. Important note: run the magic tape on your clothes several times to lessen the stickiness before using it to mask the paper)
3. Paint the chipboard alphabet with lavender acylic paint. Let it dry and attach w/ liquid glue to the page.
4. Use alphabet stickers to spell out the sub-title.
5. Use pigment ink and alphabet rubber stamp for the journaling. Then sprinkle w/ embossing powder and set w/ heat gun.
6. For the finishing touch, attach 3 different ribbons using colored staple wire.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Construction Process of Mini Album

STEP 1: Cut several pieces of Canson cs 5"x6", this will comprise the pages of your mini-album. Score 1" from the bottom leaving 5"x5" for your pictures and decorative elements. Embellish back-to-back as desired but leave the 1" section undecorated.

STEP 2: Put all the 5"x6" pages together and pierce 5 holes just below the scored portion. Place mini-brads on the 5 holes and secure at the back.

STEP 3: Cut Section A and B according to the sizes indicated above. Score and fold along dotted lines.

STEP 4: Attach Section A to the 5"x6" pages and Section B by using 3 pieces of decorative brads. Make sure to pierce the brads all the way to Section B as indicated on the 'Side View' figure above. By the way, when you put the 5"x6" pages against Section B, you'll notice that there will be more than a 1/2" gap at the bottom. That's alright considering these will be covered later by the back portion of Section A.

STEP 5: Attach the back portion of Section A to B using liquid glue or glue dots to hide the folded legs of the 3 decorative brads (see 'Back View') and your mini-album is finished :D

Sunday, July 1, 2007

First Mini Album

My sister who lives abroad had been asking me for new copies of my daughter's pictures. Since my two other sisters are flying in to visit her, I thought what better way to send her the pictures than present it in a mini album format. That way, she will be able to see my handiwork and who knows, it might even encourage her to send me scrap stuff as 'pasalubong' - hehehe.

But since I've kept putting it off for so long, before I knew it, I was only left last week to finish the project. Initially, I planned to use my scrap materials to do the mini album. But since I printed all my pictures in colored, I had a very difficult time restricting the color of the pps and ended up with various and non-related theme and colors. While doing the 3rd page, I got so frustrated I decided to scratch the whole thing and start anew. This time, I restricted myself to 3 sheets of pps. But since I only have 1 sheet of each pps, I have to find ways to make sure that I will have enough for all the pages and the cover, as well. To top it off, I only had 2 nights left to finish the task so I decided to forego with any journaling. I also decided not to use any stamping or distressing techniques and just concentrate on cutting and pasting the components. But I think the biggest help in simplifying my task was my decision to reprint all the pictures in black and white. That really took a load off my back.

Album Size: 5"x6-1/2" Matchbook type.

Materials Used: MME Tres Jolie pps 1) "Smile" Stripe/Corall Papier 2) "Love" Damask/Light Rose Papier 3) "Birthday Girl" Floral/Light Rose Papier; Canson cs as base paper; Kelly Panacci stickers; Rebecca Sower stickers; MM vintage brads.

Others: Simply Scrappy square template; corner rounder; ribbons; brass and gold embellies.