Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Construction Process of Mini Album

STEP 1: Cut several pieces of Canson cs 5"x6", this will comprise the pages of your mini-album. Score 1" from the bottom leaving 5"x5" for your pictures and decorative elements. Embellish back-to-back as desired but leave the 1" section undecorated.

STEP 2: Put all the 5"x6" pages together and pierce 5 holes just below the scored portion. Place mini-brads on the 5 holes and secure at the back.

STEP 3: Cut Section A and B according to the sizes indicated above. Score and fold along dotted lines.

STEP 4: Attach Section A to the 5"x6" pages and Section B by using 3 pieces of decorative brads. Make sure to pierce the brads all the way to Section B as indicated on the 'Side View' figure above. By the way, when you put the 5"x6" pages against Section B, you'll notice that there will be more than a 1/2" gap at the bottom. That's alright considering these will be covered later by the back portion of Section A.

STEP 5: Attach the back portion of Section A to B using liquid glue or glue dots to hide the folded legs of the 3 decorative brads (see 'Back View') and your mini-album is finished :D

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Au Lim said...

THIS IS SOOOOO COOOL!!! Thanks for sharing the instructions and diagrams! Pag ito hindi ko pa nagawa, eng-eng na talaga ako! Ang galeng mo talaga mag-drawing!