Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dots So Hard

Just for fun, Mitch of Visual Creations posed a challenge for a couple of scrap buddies in her store. She provided us with a choice of white or craft cs, use-all-you-want pps, flower embellise and a selection of beautiful ribbons. But here's the catch though, you can only use polka-dots pps on your layouts. When we found out, we exclaimed: "Oh dots sooo hard!" Then to make it doubly exciting, she added, "no additional embellisements to be used except what I provided and use of stamping should be prominent on the page". She did allow us to use our own American Craft alpha chipboards for titling. As for the rest of the materials, they are all on the house! OOooowwweee!

We were given 2 hours to finish the layout, but man, time really flies so fast! Being a self-proclaimed turtle-pace scrapper, I opted to do a simple sketch. My aim that afternoon is simply to finish a page and that, I did :D (Nita doing a little jig)

So I did a couple of cheats, but technically speaking, they were within the boundaries of the challenge:
1) I used decorative scissors to cut the edge of the horizontal pps. Somehow the textured edge gave the simple page a more decorative look.
2) Since I could not use brads, I opted to use the asterisk and periods of the chipboard alphas as brads and floral centerpiece. (Hey, they are still part of the alpha package!)
3) I just had to use my more-than-a-year-old-yet-still-brand-new foam alphas. I thought, Mitch did say stamping is okey. She just did not specify if it's rubber or foam stamps - hehehe.

But you know what, the minute I started bending back a couple of rules, I simply could not stop. Eventually, I broke the challenge rule and had to add some tini-tiny blings and a dash (okey, two) of stickles. "I couldn't stop myself... dots so hard! huhuhu" ;p

Thank you very much, Mitch for the beautiful materials and yummy snack. It was surely a productive and fulfilling afternoon. Mwuah! :D

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Just a simple cut and paste layout I did at the last April 4 Scrapjam in Clarkfield, Pampanga. While my talented companions are hard at work on their entries for the layout challenge. I just sat there staring at my pictures and kicking myself for not printing my photos in sepia or black and white which is the safest bet when attending meets like these. Oh well, another lesson learned.

It is a good thing though that my tablemates (Au, Cabbie and Mia) are very insistent that I scrap even if I did not intend to join the challenge. As Au put it, what is the point of my being there if I did not at least do one page. It would have been such a waste of opportunity. So I finally relented and bought papers to match my photo. I told myself I did not want to spend too much so I was supposed to limit myself to 2 pps and the craft cs that came with the challenge kit. But by some good fortune, they were having a sale on the pps so I got 3 for the price of 2. Whaddayaknow!

I am pretty happy with the outcome of the page, I must say. I am very thankful, too, that I have friends who does not take no for an answer :D

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Day in the Life of a Girl for Memory Lane

If you haven't noticed, I have a single secret ingredient for these 2 layouts I did for Memory Lane. Haven't figured it out yet? It's Simply Scrappy's circle templates. I simply traced the circular elements in the base pps and inserted a second pps underneath it. In effect, the base pps blended in beautifully with the second pps leaving one thinking, "so where did the second pps starts and end again?" It's really a very simple technique and yet the effect is intriguing. I so love my Simply Scrappy circle templates! :D

Materials Used: Sandylion pps (Kelly Panacci 3 Ring Circus; Funtastik Turquoise; Around the Corner & ); Kelly Pannacci chipboard medley; American Craft thickers Glitter Sprinkles (cucumber); Crystal alpha stickers; Brad; Eyelet; Bling.

Others: Simply Scrappy circle templates; Crop-a-dile.

Cheeseball for Memory Lane

There must be something favorable in my stars lately because I got another invite from Helen Chua of Memory Lane as Guest DT for October. She gave me these lovely Kelly Pannacci pps and chipboard embellishment to work on. I had such a good time doing these layouts. In fact, these are the easiest and quickest pages I ever did. I started out with no sketch whatsoever and just went with the flow. Lovely materials, really! Thank you very much, Helen! :D

Materials Used: Sandylion pps (Kelly Panacci Gypsy Garden & 3 Ring Circus); DCWV red polka-dot pps; Kelly Pannacci chipboard medley; 7 Gypsies journaling card; American Craft thickers Glitter Sprinkles (cucumber); Artline acid-free pen; flower eyelet.

Others: Simply Scrappy circle templates; Crop-a-dile.

Journaling Reads: It has always been difficult to make you stand still and look at the camera. When you do cooperate, you always had to do this corny pose with cheesy smile. You are such a cheeseball, you crack me up! I love you, baby.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Truly a Blessing

After doing all those layouts for Scrapbukan, I felt drained. So I decided to just take it easy for awhile and do what I love doing from time to time, which is to scraplift :D Scraplifting is so refreshing. You get to do a layout which you already have an idea what the outcome would be. Plus, you get to change and twist that idea in such a manner that it would suit your taste. So what started out as a scraplift eventually became a layout which now only vaguely resembles the original idea :D

Scraplifted from: 601 Great Scrapbook Ideas.

Altered Cigar Box for Scrapbukan

First of all, let me tell you that I am not good at altering stuff. So this last project for Scrapbukan was really a challenge for me. This left me stumped for the longest time, I tell you. Secondly, I am very poor when it comes to collage-work. In fact, it terrifies me to even think of attempting it. But since this was the last project holding me from submitting my materials to Scrapbukan, I took one deep breath and dove into unchartered territories, so to speak. Boy, am I glad I took that dive or else I wouldn't have discovered how much fun it is to do collage-work and alter stuff. Thank you, Cabbie for giving me a push in the right direction and thank you, Cookie for the inspiration on that scroll chipboard :D

Materials Used: Noteworthy Delaney Stripe pps; NW spiral journaling book (Delaney); NW pebble brads (Audrey); NW glittered die-cuts; MM acrylic paint (Burgundy; Manila; Funky Vintage; Black; Gold); American Crafts chipboard letter stickers (Platform); Fancy Pants Soho swirls; K&Co chipboard; Prima Say It with Crystals; Assorted rubber stamps; Assorted rub-ons; Mulberry paper; Assorted brass embellishments; Buttons; Ribbons; Crackle paint medium; Crocheted ribbons; Plastic hook; Wall hanger; Cigar box.

Adhesive Used: UHU Glue; Vellum Glue Dots.

The Process:
1. Cover the hinges and lock of the cigar box with masking tape and start prepping the box by sanding. Then paint all sides with beige acrylic paint as base coat.
2. After the base coat had dried, paint the sides with burgundy acrylic paint and let dry. Next, paint over the Burgundy portion with crackle medium, leaving it to almost dry yet slightly tacky to the touch. Then immediately paint over the crackle medium with Manila acrylic paint and within seconds, you’ll see the beige paint crackle exposing the burgundy underneath.
3. Cut the NW Delaney stripe pps for the cover and inner faces of the cigar box. Apply liberal amount of UHU glue and adhere to the box. Since there will be insufficient pps for the back of the cover, you may use a 2-1/2” crocheted ribbon for the uncovered portion of the box.
4. Paint the swirl chipboard with a base coat of Funky Vintage acrylic paint then distress using a toothbrush dipped in black paint. Do the same distressing process with the Platform chipboard alphas this time using gold acrylic paint with the toothbrush as distressing medium. Set aside both items to dry.
5. Cut 4”x4” pcs. of mulberry paper and stamp with assorted rubber stamp design. Then wet the edges of the mulberry paper with tap water and pull-off the wet portion giving the edge a soft, feathery effect. Adhere to random portions of the box using vellum glue dots.
6. Continue collage-work by randomly applying various rub-ons, buttons and brass embellise to the cigar box. Finish off by adhering the swirl, ribbon and title.
7. Attach the plastic hook inside the box, then the wall hanger on the other side and your altered key holder is done.

You & Me for Scrapbukan

Due to the intense color of the pps, I didn't really know which pictures or embellishment would match it. Luckily, I found this set of vellum stickers amongst my stash which matches the pps perfectly. From then on, my inspiration was sparked and I was able to finish this page in one sitting. Now, this is the first time I ever distressed the pictures in this manner and you can just imagine I was praying to high heavens that I would not mess up - hehehe.

Materials Used: Noteworthy Delaney DieCutScallop pps; Cathy B. Vellum Stickers; Brenda Walton die-cut cardstock; 2mm Darys foamies; MM acrylic paint (Dusk); Rub-on alpha.

Adhesive Used: UHU Glue.

The Process:
1. Print out one (1) 5”x7” colored photo and two (2) 4”x3-1/2” black & white photos.
2. Group all three (3) photos together and place on top of the NW Delaney DieCutScallop pps leaving 1” space to the left and 2” on the right. Lightly pencil mark the edges of the photos and set aside for the meantime.
3. Stick some paisley vellum stickers on the right side and lower portion slightly overlapping the penciled area but make sure to leave an empty space on the right corner.
4. Glue all three (3) photos on top of the vellum stickers using UHU glue and matt the grouped photos by painting all sides with blue acrylic paint.
5. Once dried, stick more paisley vellum stickers on the left side and right corner of the photos.
6. Give dimension to the ready-made die-cut cardstock “You & Me” by gluing 2mm Darys foamies at the back. Then ink the edges with blue ink pad and adhere on the upper left corner of the grouped photos.
7. Using the maroon-colored rub-on alpha, spell out the sub-title “Together” on top of the focal picture, slightly spilling over the secondary black & white picture and your page is done.

Good Time for Scrapbukan

I know, by professional standard, this picture would have been considered as a bad shot. But I just love the interaction going on between my husband and our daughter that despite my poor framing, I just have to scrap it. In fact, if you ask me, this is one of my favorite pictures of them together :D

Journaling Reads:
1 - doting father who always misses his daughter every minute of the day.
1 - funny little girl who loves to laugh at the drop of a hat.
1 - ordinary afternoon together.
Mix all ingredients thoroughly and add a pinch of a silly joke. Allow to sit in a corner and take liberal amount of snapshots. Cook to perfection and serve with love. What you will have is a tender moment of a father and daughter having a good time together.

Technique Used: Paper piercing; Distressing.

Materials Used: Noteworthy Addie Pattern Stripe pps; NW Delaney Ledger Circle pps; NW Addie DieCut Circle pps; K&Co chipboard; Cardstock (black; white); Craft cardstock; Flowers; Brads; Rub-ons.

Others: Sizzlits alpha die (Monkey Tails); Mouse pad; Corkboard pin; Simply Scrappy circle template; Coluzzle knife and cutting pad; MM paper scraper.

Adhesive Used: Adhesive Tech.

Computer Font: Love Letter TW.

The Process:
1. Matt the 5”x7” colored photo with black cardstock. Distress all edges of the cardstock using MM paper scraper.
2. Using the mouse pad as a base, place the NW Delaney Ledger Circle pps on top of it and start piercing around the circle design using a pin (Top Tip: Use a corkboard pin so you will have a handle. It will be easier for you to control where you are going and it would not be too tiresome for your fingers). After completing the piercing process, tear out the circles along the dotted lines. Repeat the same process with the NW Addie Pattern Stripe pps to create a faux ½” ribbon.
Designer’s Note: Paper Piercing is a good technique to use by scrappers who have difficulty in using cutting blade to cut out intricate designs. Not only will it be easier to cut and tear around the design, it will also give your pps added texture.
3. Cut NW Addie DieCut Circle pps to size. Then with Corel Draw, type out the journaling using the font, Love Letter TW and print onto the pps.
4. Using the Sizzlits alpha die, Monkey Tails, cut 3 sets of the spelled out title “Good Times” with white cardstock. Then cut a 4th set using the orange portion of the NW Delaney Ledger Circle pps. Glue the four (4) layers of each letter together with the orange pps on top thereby creating dimensional letters.
5. For the sub-title, cut and matt two pps together and distress all sides using MM paper scraper. Then spell out “recipe for a” using black rub-on letters on each tiny matted rectangles.
6. Glue all components as shown on the layout using Adhesive Tech glue with a craft cardstock as base.
7. Embellish the page with rub-on, chipboard, flowers and mini-brads.
8. As a finishing touch, cut the inner portion of 2 pierced circles using a circle template, coluzzle knife and cutting pad. Add to the page forming an imaginary triangle to frame the focal picture and journaling.

Inner Beauty for Scrapbukan

Last September, I was fortunate to have been invited by Ms. Sahrie as her Guest DT in Scrapbukan. I felt so happy when I saw the materials she sent over, they were all lovely! I didn't know where to start so I chose my favorite amongst the pps and prayed I would not disappoint her :D Again, thank you, Ms. Sahrie for this wonderful opportunity.
Sub-title Reads: There is no question about it, you are a beautiful child.
Journaling Reads: But there is more to you than meets the eye. You are smart, funny, sensitive, adorable, charming, caring and kind. And these are the qualities which makes me fall in love with you all the more each passing day.

Materials Used: Noteworthy Addie Brocade Dot pps; NW Addie Pattern Stripe pps; NW Self-adhesive Glitter Clears; Prima Say It with Crystals; Brenda Walton embossed stickers; MM acrylic paint (Capri & Blueberry); Ancient Page ink pad (Chocolate); Craft Express chipboard letters; Mulberry paper; Laces.

Adhesive Used: Adhesive Tech; Vellum Glue Dots.

Others: Hero Arts Stamp (Manuscript Background); Cuttlebug alpha die (Olivia); Simply Scrappy circle template; Coluzzle knife and cutting pad .

Computer Font: Susie’s Hand.

The Process:
1. Cut Noteworthy Addie Pattern Stripe pps to size. Then with Corel Draw, type out the sub-title and journaling using the font, Susie’s Hand and print onto the pps. After which, create large scallops on the right edge of the pps using Simply Scrappy circle template with Coluzzle knife and cutting pad.
2. Paint the cut-out alpha letters and chipboard titles with MM acrylic paint and set aside to dry.
3. Cut a 4”x4” pc. of mulberry paper and stamp on the manuscript background using brown dye ink. Then wet the edges of the mulberry paper with tap water and pull-off the wet portion giving the edge a soft, feathery effect. Adhere to the upper left portion of the page using vellum glue dots.
4. Cut out portions of the floral design on the base pps and tuck the picture, journaling pps and light green lace underneath the design, then adhere to the page using Adhesive Tech glue.
5. Using the same fine tipped liquid glue dispenser on the chipboard and cut-out alpha, stick the title to the page.
6. Embellish the page with self-adhesive glitter clears, embossed photo corners, glittered floral stickers and self-adhesive crystal blings.
7. Glue lace on the entire left back portion of the base pps using Adhesive Tech which is also a fabric glue, leaving a small part of the lace peeking in front. Then you may step back and admire your finished layout.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Lazy Days and Sundays

I had the fortune to scrap at my leisure last Monday because it was a holiday. I took a sketch from Becky Fleck’s Pagemaps book and used it for the base design. With the difficult part out of the way, I decided to play, and try my hand at collage and layering. I was having so much fun I thought, “heck, why not layer the title as well.”

I must admit, my Clip It Up really came in handy in this simple exercise. Since I have all my embellishments within reach, it was a breeze mixing and matching assorted brands for my collage work. All I had to do was think of a color that would suit a spot, flip through the revolving rack and presto! In fact, when I counted the number of embellishments I used for this layout, there were at least eleven different lines of various brands and I am so happy how well they came together.

Journaling Reads:
Me, lounging in the lanai with my feet up.
My eyeglasses perched almost at the tip of my nose.
A good book nested comfortably on my hands.
And you, sitting on my lap doing your own thing.

Materials Used: Bazill black cs; BG Periphery pps (Blanc); K&Co. Blue Awning pps; BG Urban Couture pps (Ratine); AAS bookplate; AAS chipboards; Tim Holtz game spinners; Imaginations alpha stickers (Estate Sale Cranberry); assorted rub-ons (Hambly; 7 Gypsies); assorted embellishments; brass embellise; red brad; navy blue pigment ink.
Others: Cuttlebug alpha die (Hippie Chick); script typewriter; date stamp.

Monday, August 25, 2008


With the tons of pictures I have of my daughter and my turtle-pace scrapping habit, I have long given up attempting to scrap chronologically. I just go ahead and pick whatever pictures that appeals to me or triggered a memory at the moment. In this case, I have printed this series of pictures over a year ago with the intention to scrap it. Somehow I never got around to it till last Monday. Since it was a special holiday and my printer is in the office, I decided to rummage around for something to scrap. The minute I looked at these pictures, the first thought that came to me was "she has so much possibilities". Then it struck me that I recently bought some rub-ons from Memory Lane which would be perfect for it. Not wanting to stress myself over the sketch, I picked up my handy-dandy Pagemaps book and just selected from the insterpreted ideas (I am so tamad, I didn't even bother to look at the sketch. I just decided to scraplift na lang - hehehe). Hey, my idea was to finish a page and it worked! So sue me :D

Journaling Reads: What I see when I look at you... possibility.

Quote: "As a mother, my job is to take care of the possible and trust God with the impossible." - Ruth Bell Graham

Materials Used: K&Co Amy Butler pps; Primas Baby Girl collection pps (Delight); American Crafts Ala Carte Asiago pps; Daisy D's rub-ons; BG chip stickers (Two Scoops); MM pebble brads; Prima flower; Mulberry paper; NW spiral journaling notebook (Delaney); NW self-adhesive glitter clears.

Others: Inkadinkado rubber stamp (Tin Can Mail); Fiskars decorative scissors.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Moments to Cherish

During the last PS EB on November 2007, Cookie had captivated all of us with her altered clock tutorial. Almost all the members who attended that day herded their way to the mall within days to hoard on wall clocks – LOL. I was one of those who immediately bought two just in case I ran out of stock due to the frenzy she had created, which isn’t far fetched considering the track record we have as scrappers J

Sadly though, those wall clocks remained untouched for months till I had gathered enough courage to even attempt altering one for my sister-in-law. Like most of us who braved to follow Cookie’s footsteps, it seems the greatest thrill we encountered was to discover that the clock was still functioning after we had put it back together – hehehe. In fact, the joy of creating the layout for it only came in a close second. Well, at least it was for me.

So now I am down to one last clock. Thank God Cookie called on this challenge for Kaya or else it would have remained doomed in storage for more months to come. Thank you, Cookie, for this brilliant spark of inspiration. You truly are a gem to our scrapping community.

Journaling Reads: Never a moment goes by that I don’t thank God for the gift of YOU.
Materials Used: BG Perhaps pps (Beatrice & Julia); K&Co pps; Hero Arts rubber stamp (Manuscript Background); K&Co Brenda Walton embossed stickers; MM tiny alphas (Pink Ledger); American Craft glittered letter stickers (Sprinkles); Mulberry paper; Crystal blings; Cotton lace; Wall clock.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Stone Collector

The original title for this layout was actually "My Daughter is a Penguin" but I got a ribbing from my bestfriend (her laughing voice still actually rings in my ears: "nobody knows penguins pick up stones except you!"). Well, in a way it is a good thing she stopped me or else this layout would've turned out to be a bomb - LOL. It is really good to have friends around you who would stop you from making a fool out of yourself - hehehe.

Now, if you think this sketch seems familiar to you, it is simply because this layout was supposed to be an entry for Tin Yao's Kaya sketch challenge. Being the notorious delinquent scrapper that I am, I was "again" too late for the deadline. Still, it is the effort that counts, right?

Journaling Reads: I never knew how fascinating rock-picking can be till I saw you meticulously collecting such an ordinary object. One would’ve thought you discovered precious gems in your front yard what with your exclamations of joy. I have to admit, my initial reaction was to grab your hands and say: “NO… that’s dirty”. But seeing your keen excitement, I lost the heart to do so. Damn the dirt and the germs… pick-up all the rocks you want my dear baby girl. Have the time of your life! Just don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards.

Materials Used: Daisy D's pps (Salt Water Taffy); MM Noteworthy pps (Addie Ledger Floral & Delaney Ledger Circle); Daisy D's cardstock stickers (Sassy Girl); MM tiny alpha stickers (black on white); American Craft Greenhouse felt flowers; MM pebble brad (Flower Funky); American Craft thickers (Daiquiri); Darys 2mm foamies; MM foam stamps (Jersey lower case); Terese Collins foam stamps (Diamonds & Paisley); Gel-a-tins clear stamp (Wallpaper Series #1); MM acrylic paint (Apricot & Meadow).

Others: Ribbon; crochetted ribbon; brads; photo turn; corkboard pin; mouse pad; MM paper scraper.

Computer font: Arial

Techniques Used: Distressing; paper-piercing; foam stamping.

The Process:
1. Adhere the blue pps on the base then estimate the location of the pictures on top.

2. Just before adhering the focal photo, stamp behind it with Teresa Collins foam stamps using acrylic paint. Then stamp the Gel-a-tins damask clear stamp using white pigment ink on the lower left of the supporting photo. After the paint and inks have dried up, glue the photos on top of these designs.

3. Using the mouse pad as a base, place your pps on top of it and start piercing around the designs you want to cut out using a pin. (top tip: use a corkboard pin so you will have a handle. It will be easier for you to control where you are going and it would not be too tiresome for your fingers). After completing the piercing process, tear out the excess design along the dotted lines. (designer's note: this will be a great technique to use for those scrappers who have difficulty using Xacto knives. Not only will it be easier for you to cut around the design, it will give your pps added texture as well).

4. Sandwich the pierced design between 2 ribbons and glue on the page. Place photo turns on both ends to make it seem like it is holding the ribbon down on the page.

5. Using the lower case of the MM Jersey foam stamp, spell the main title and cut around the letters leaving a small space around it. Then adhere 2mm Darys foamies at the back of the letters to give it added dimension. After which, glue the title to the page.

6. Spell out the second word of the title using American Craft thickers.

7. Print out the journaling on a yellow pps, cut the lines in strips and adhere to the lower part of the page.

8. Using the same yellow pps, use it to frame the Daisy D's cardstock sticker and distress around it using the MM paper scraper. Then add dimension to it by using Darys foamies and glue to the page.

9. Using the MM tiny alpha stickers, spell out the date and sub-title on the page.

10. Finish off by embellishing with the felt flower on one side of the focal pic and attaching it with a pebble brad.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Comfort Food

My daughter, Sam, is a finicky eater. In fact, if it were not for the bribes of dessert, I doubt if she will be able to finish a decent meal. She has a soft spot though for dairy products, which I shamelessly abuse to my advantage - hehehe. So, to pay tribute to this wonderful concoction called Milk, I have decided to do this layout of Sam with her favorite food.

Journaling Reads: Be it chocolate, cheese, yogurt or ice cream... your favored comfort food has to have one essential ingredient - "Dede".
Materials Used: BG Sultry pps (Posh & Swell); BG Sultry chip stickers; American Craft thickers (Gift Box & Rootbeer Float); Prima Say It In Crystals; American Craft slick writer (brown); Crochetted flower; Checkered ribbon.
Other Materials: Simply Scrappy circle template; EK Success corner punch.

Friday, June 13, 2008

To Sam, age 2, to be read upon the loss of a pet.

Last April, Lee Imao called for a challenge at Kaya but I was unable to submit an entry. Still, I thought it was a brilliant challenge which is too wonderful to pass up. So despite the fact that my entry is 2 months too late, here is my take of Kaya 12's "Read This When..."

Journaling Reads: You are such a sensitive and highly inventive child at 2. Some children may have imaginary friends. But you, on the other hand, have imaginary pets. You would show them to me from time to time saying, “Mama, cat oh…” or “Mama, Bruno… pet” After I have pet and returned them to you, you would carefully put them all back in your pocket. Other than Bruno and the cat, you also have a fish and vari-colored butterflies tucked safely on your side. So being a budding animal-lover that you are, I can see that you will one day need to read a letter like this.

Enclosed Letter Reads:
Everdearest Sam,

I know you feel awfully sad right now and there is nothing more you wish for than to have your beloved friend back by your side. I, myself, wish that he is still alive if only to spare you from this pain. But you have to realize, we humans live longer than our little friends and will always outlive them. So I guess, it is our fate to be always left behind to mourn their loss. When I was a child, I too, have lost a lot of pets. I cried really hard for each and every one of them. I always felt I will never love another more than the last. But it seems one more would creep into my life and I will love it for a different reason.

Why then, do you ask, if I know I will outlive all of them do I continue to have another pet? Because looking back when they were alive, I remembered how much good times we had. How I was thankful they came into my life and made it so much happier. In the same way, I am sure they are happy that they met me, too. With the care and attention I gave them, they surely love me the same way right back, if not even more. Most of all, given a choice I would rather feel the pain of their loss rather than imagine not having any one of them at all.

Do you realize why you feel so awful right now? It is because you will miss him oh so much. Because you two had so many good times together you cannot imagine a day without him. Because he is no longer just a pet, but a dear friend and companion. If you ask me, I still miss all of my long-lost friends even now that I am older. In fact, as I am writing this letter, I am suddenly reminded of the pain of their loss and I am missing all of them once more. This just goes to show, the love once we gave it never really goes away.

Every time I would start to miss them like I do right now, I comfort myself with the thought that they are also God’s creatures so He is sure to look after them. Moreover, since God also knows how much we love them, He will surely have a special place for them. A place where they will no longer be old or feel any pain. A place where they can play and jump and will never be hungry. Other people who had also lost a pet they loved dearly have a name for this special place. They call it the ‘rainbow bridge’. It is where all the pets we will ever have in our lifetime stay while we are still alive. They say it is the bridge right before heaven’s door. And when it is our time to join them, our little friends will know ahead of time and will be waiting for us at the foot of the bridge. Can you imagine how happy we will all be as we walk through heaven’s door together?

But for now, they will have to wait… and we will have to miss them. Do not worry, we will never love them any less in time and I am sure they will never forget us either. For now, you can cry all you want. It only meant that they have touched your life deeply and they will be happy to know that they mattered to you that much. And whenever you sorely miss your little friend, you can go ahead and tell me about it. I would love to hear you share your stories about the special times you had spent together.

Big warm hugs,


Materials Used: Fancy Pants PPS (Adorned & Newfangled); Black CS; Autumn Leaves transparency layers (Romantic Notions); MM 5th Ave. spiral journaling pad; K&Co. chipboard; Hampton Arts sealing wax.
Others: Brass brads; Fibers; Simply Scrappy scallop template; Quickutz Lemonade skinnimini dies; MM magnetic stamp (Rummage); Brown ink pads.
Computer Font: Calisto MT

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Christmas in June

I am not much of a holidays scrapper. In fact, I try to veer away from seasonal pages if I can help it. You wouldn't believe this, but I have yet to scrap Sam's very first trick or treat event. Piles of pictures awaits but I am dilly-dallying as usual. But having a fast-growing daughter somehow dictates that I document as much as I could about her life and that includes the dreaded traditional holiday pages. It took me so long to finally gather the guts to do this layout that it is now June and I am just starting to do her Christmas LO. I am such a slow scrapper - aaarrgh.

These series of pictures you see here are actually bad shots. The poor lighting somewhat made them all blurry. But I loved the fact that they captured my daughter's excitement about the season and the blurred hands made it seem like she is waving her arms to create a snow angel. So I decided, why not convert them into black and white. Somehow, the change unintentionally made the pictures look timeless and classical which I loved.

Journaling Reads: Your reaction was so spontaneous. The minute you saw the 14' tree, you started dancing around it like an angel. (Actually, the tree was only 9', but you sure made it seem taller) - Simoun '07.

Materials Used: Scrapworks Season of Joy PPS (Trim a Tree & Mistletoe); Scrapworks shimmer shapes (Season of Joy assortment); American Crafts Roller Rink glitter letter stickers; WRMK Comstock Collection PPS (Ginger); K& Co. chipboard; Brilliance dew drop ink pad (Moonlight White); Reeves glitter glue.

Others: Quickutz Magnolia cookie cutter dies; Inque Boutique rubber stamps (Boutique Grunge & Narrative Elements); sewing machine; Making Memories edge scraper; EK Success corner punch.