Friday, October 17, 2008

Truly a Blessing

After doing all those layouts for Scrapbukan, I felt drained. So I decided to just take it easy for awhile and do what I love doing from time to time, which is to scraplift :D Scraplifting is so refreshing. You get to do a layout which you already have an idea what the outcome would be. Plus, you get to change and twist that idea in such a manner that it would suit your taste. So what started out as a scraplift eventually became a layout which now only vaguely resembles the original idea :D

Scraplifted from: 601 Great Scrapbook Ideas.


tnapay said...

i love this layout, nita. simple and elegant (not to mention that i love all the colors - peyborit green and brown, hihihi)

thank you for dropping by my page and for the lovely messages you left.

have a happy (scrappy) weekend. :-D

Benga said...

korek c tna simple but stunning, I'm starting to use kraft at napakaganda nga nmn tlga ng effect, you gave me an idea on how to use it at syempre very pretty subject as always :)