Monday, June 23, 2008

Comfort Food

My daughter, Sam, is a finicky eater. In fact, if it were not for the bribes of dessert, I doubt if she will be able to finish a decent meal. She has a soft spot though for dairy products, which I shamelessly abuse to my advantage - hehehe. So, to pay tribute to this wonderful concoction called Milk, I have decided to do this layout of Sam with her favorite food.

Journaling Reads: Be it chocolate, cheese, yogurt or ice cream... your favored comfort food has to have one essential ingredient - "Dede".
Materials Used: BG Sultry pps (Posh & Swell); BG Sultry chip stickers; American Craft thickers (Gift Box & Rootbeer Float); Prima Say It In Crystals; American Craft slick writer (brown); Crochetted flower; Checkered ribbon.
Other Materials: Simply Scrappy circle template; EK Success corner punch.

Friday, June 13, 2008

To Sam, age 2, to be read upon the loss of a pet.

Last April, Lee Imao called for a challenge at Kaya but I was unable to submit an entry. Still, I thought it was a brilliant challenge which is too wonderful to pass up. So despite the fact that my entry is 2 months too late, here is my take of Kaya 12's "Read This When..."

Journaling Reads: You are such a sensitive and highly inventive child at 2. Some children may have imaginary friends. But you, on the other hand, have imaginary pets. You would show them to me from time to time saying, “Mama, cat oh…” or “Mama, Bruno… pet” After I have pet and returned them to you, you would carefully put them all back in your pocket. Other than Bruno and the cat, you also have a fish and vari-colored butterflies tucked safely on your side. So being a budding animal-lover that you are, I can see that you will one day need to read a letter like this.

Enclosed Letter Reads:
Everdearest Sam,

I know you feel awfully sad right now and there is nothing more you wish for than to have your beloved friend back by your side. I, myself, wish that he is still alive if only to spare you from this pain. But you have to realize, we humans live longer than our little friends and will always outlive them. So I guess, it is our fate to be always left behind to mourn their loss. When I was a child, I too, have lost a lot of pets. I cried really hard for each and every one of them. I always felt I will never love another more than the last. But it seems one more would creep into my life and I will love it for a different reason.

Why then, do you ask, if I know I will outlive all of them do I continue to have another pet? Because looking back when they were alive, I remembered how much good times we had. How I was thankful they came into my life and made it so much happier. In the same way, I am sure they are happy that they met me, too. With the care and attention I gave them, they surely love me the same way right back, if not even more. Most of all, given a choice I would rather feel the pain of their loss rather than imagine not having any one of them at all.

Do you realize why you feel so awful right now? It is because you will miss him oh so much. Because you two had so many good times together you cannot imagine a day without him. Because he is no longer just a pet, but a dear friend and companion. If you ask me, I still miss all of my long-lost friends even now that I am older. In fact, as I am writing this letter, I am suddenly reminded of the pain of their loss and I am missing all of them once more. This just goes to show, the love once we gave it never really goes away.

Every time I would start to miss them like I do right now, I comfort myself with the thought that they are also God’s creatures so He is sure to look after them. Moreover, since God also knows how much we love them, He will surely have a special place for them. A place where they will no longer be old or feel any pain. A place where they can play and jump and will never be hungry. Other people who had also lost a pet they loved dearly have a name for this special place. They call it the ‘rainbow bridge’. It is where all the pets we will ever have in our lifetime stay while we are still alive. They say it is the bridge right before heaven’s door. And when it is our time to join them, our little friends will know ahead of time and will be waiting for us at the foot of the bridge. Can you imagine how happy we will all be as we walk through heaven’s door together?

But for now, they will have to wait… and we will have to miss them. Do not worry, we will never love them any less in time and I am sure they will never forget us either. For now, you can cry all you want. It only meant that they have touched your life deeply and they will be happy to know that they mattered to you that much. And whenever you sorely miss your little friend, you can go ahead and tell me about it. I would love to hear you share your stories about the special times you had spent together.

Big warm hugs,


Materials Used: Fancy Pants PPS (Adorned & Newfangled); Black CS; Autumn Leaves transparency layers (Romantic Notions); MM 5th Ave. spiral journaling pad; K&Co. chipboard; Hampton Arts sealing wax.
Others: Brass brads; Fibers; Simply Scrappy scallop template; Quickutz Lemonade skinnimini dies; MM magnetic stamp (Rummage); Brown ink pads.
Computer Font: Calisto MT

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Christmas in June

I am not much of a holidays scrapper. In fact, I try to veer away from seasonal pages if I can help it. You wouldn't believe this, but I have yet to scrap Sam's very first trick or treat event. Piles of pictures awaits but I am dilly-dallying as usual. But having a fast-growing daughter somehow dictates that I document as much as I could about her life and that includes the dreaded traditional holiday pages. It took me so long to finally gather the guts to do this layout that it is now June and I am just starting to do her Christmas LO. I am such a slow scrapper - aaarrgh.

These series of pictures you see here are actually bad shots. The poor lighting somewhat made them all blurry. But I loved the fact that they captured my daughter's excitement about the season and the blurred hands made it seem like she is waving her arms to create a snow angel. So I decided, why not convert them into black and white. Somehow, the change unintentionally made the pictures look timeless and classical which I loved.

Journaling Reads: Your reaction was so spontaneous. The minute you saw the 14' tree, you started dancing around it like an angel. (Actually, the tree was only 9', but you sure made it seem taller) - Simoun '07.

Materials Used: Scrapworks Season of Joy PPS (Trim a Tree & Mistletoe); Scrapworks shimmer shapes (Season of Joy assortment); American Crafts Roller Rink glitter letter stickers; WRMK Comstock Collection PPS (Ginger); K& Co. chipboard; Brilliance dew drop ink pad (Moonlight White); Reeves glitter glue.

Others: Quickutz Magnolia cookie cutter dies; Inque Boutique rubber stamps (Boutique Grunge & Narrative Elements); sewing machine; Making Memories edge scraper; EK Success corner punch.