Friday, October 17, 2008

You & Me for Scrapbukan

Due to the intense color of the pps, I didn't really know which pictures or embellishment would match it. Luckily, I found this set of vellum stickers amongst my stash which matches the pps perfectly. From then on, my inspiration was sparked and I was able to finish this page in one sitting. Now, this is the first time I ever distressed the pictures in this manner and you can just imagine I was praying to high heavens that I would not mess up - hehehe.

Materials Used: Noteworthy Delaney DieCutScallop pps; Cathy B. Vellum Stickers; Brenda Walton die-cut cardstock; 2mm Darys foamies; MM acrylic paint (Dusk); Rub-on alpha.

Adhesive Used: UHU Glue.

The Process:
1. Print out one (1) 5”x7” colored photo and two (2) 4”x3-1/2” black & white photos.
2. Group all three (3) photos together and place on top of the NW Delaney DieCutScallop pps leaving 1” space to the left and 2” on the right. Lightly pencil mark the edges of the photos and set aside for the meantime.
3. Stick some paisley vellum stickers on the right side and lower portion slightly overlapping the penciled area but make sure to leave an empty space on the right corner.
4. Glue all three (3) photos on top of the vellum stickers using UHU glue and matt the grouped photos by painting all sides with blue acrylic paint.
5. Once dried, stick more paisley vellum stickers on the left side and right corner of the photos.
6. Give dimension to the ready-made die-cut cardstock “You & Me” by gluing 2mm Darys foamies at the back. Then ink the edges with blue ink pad and adhere on the upper left corner of the grouped photos.
7. Using the maroon-colored rub-on alpha, spell out the sub-title “Together” on top of the focal picture, slightly spilling over the secondary black & white picture and your page is done.

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