Monday, August 4, 2008

Stone Collector

The original title for this layout was actually "My Daughter is a Penguin" but I got a ribbing from my bestfriend (her laughing voice still actually rings in my ears: "nobody knows penguins pick up stones except you!"). Well, in a way it is a good thing she stopped me or else this layout would've turned out to be a bomb - LOL. It is really good to have friends around you who would stop you from making a fool out of yourself - hehehe.

Now, if you think this sketch seems familiar to you, it is simply because this layout was supposed to be an entry for Tin Yao's Kaya sketch challenge. Being the notorious delinquent scrapper that I am, I was "again" too late for the deadline. Still, it is the effort that counts, right?

Journaling Reads: I never knew how fascinating rock-picking can be till I saw you meticulously collecting such an ordinary object. One would’ve thought you discovered precious gems in your front yard what with your exclamations of joy. I have to admit, my initial reaction was to grab your hands and say: “NO… that’s dirty”. But seeing your keen excitement, I lost the heart to do so. Damn the dirt and the germs… pick-up all the rocks you want my dear baby girl. Have the time of your life! Just don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards.

Materials Used: Daisy D's pps (Salt Water Taffy); MM Noteworthy pps (Addie Ledger Floral & Delaney Ledger Circle); Daisy D's cardstock stickers (Sassy Girl); MM tiny alpha stickers (black on white); American Craft Greenhouse felt flowers; MM pebble brad (Flower Funky); American Craft thickers (Daiquiri); Darys 2mm foamies; MM foam stamps (Jersey lower case); Terese Collins foam stamps (Diamonds & Paisley); Gel-a-tins clear stamp (Wallpaper Series #1); MM acrylic paint (Apricot & Meadow).

Others: Ribbon; crochetted ribbon; brads; photo turn; corkboard pin; mouse pad; MM paper scraper.

Computer font: Arial

Techniques Used: Distressing; paper-piercing; foam stamping.

The Process:
1. Adhere the blue pps on the base then estimate the location of the pictures on top.

2. Just before adhering the focal photo, stamp behind it with Teresa Collins foam stamps using acrylic paint. Then stamp the Gel-a-tins damask clear stamp using white pigment ink on the lower left of the supporting photo. After the paint and inks have dried up, glue the photos on top of these designs.

3. Using the mouse pad as a base, place your pps on top of it and start piercing around the designs you want to cut out using a pin. (top tip: use a corkboard pin so you will have a handle. It will be easier for you to control where you are going and it would not be too tiresome for your fingers). After completing the piercing process, tear out the excess design along the dotted lines. (designer's note: this will be a great technique to use for those scrappers who have difficulty using Xacto knives. Not only will it be easier for you to cut around the design, it will give your pps added texture as well).

4. Sandwich the pierced design between 2 ribbons and glue on the page. Place photo turns on both ends to make it seem like it is holding the ribbon down on the page.

5. Using the lower case of the MM Jersey foam stamp, spell the main title and cut around the letters leaving a small space around it. Then adhere 2mm Darys foamies at the back of the letters to give it added dimension. After which, glue the title to the page.

6. Spell out the second word of the title using American Craft thickers.

7. Print out the journaling on a yellow pps, cut the lines in strips and adhere to the lower part of the page.

8. Using the same yellow pps, use it to frame the Daisy D's cardstock sticker and distress around it using the MM paper scraper. Then add dimension to it by using Darys foamies and glue to the page.

9. Using the MM tiny alpha stickers, spell out the date and sub-title on the page.

10. Finish off by embellishing with the felt flower on one side of the focal pic and attaching it with a pebble brad.

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Benga said...

marvelous technique! opkors panalo ang LO! natawa namn ako dun sa penguin na namumulot ng bato nyahahaha