Sunday, July 1, 2007

First Mini Album

My sister who lives abroad had been asking me for new copies of my daughter's pictures. Since my two other sisters are flying in to visit her, I thought what better way to send her the pictures than present it in a mini album format. That way, she will be able to see my handiwork and who knows, it might even encourage her to send me scrap stuff as 'pasalubong' - hehehe.

But since I've kept putting it off for so long, before I knew it, I was only left last week to finish the project. Initially, I planned to use my scrap materials to do the mini album. But since I printed all my pictures in colored, I had a very difficult time restricting the color of the pps and ended up with various and non-related theme and colors. While doing the 3rd page, I got so frustrated I decided to scratch the whole thing and start anew. This time, I restricted myself to 3 sheets of pps. But since I only have 1 sheet of each pps, I have to find ways to make sure that I will have enough for all the pages and the cover, as well. To top it off, I only had 2 nights left to finish the task so I decided to forego with any journaling. I also decided not to use any stamping or distressing techniques and just concentrate on cutting and pasting the components. But I think the biggest help in simplifying my task was my decision to reprint all the pictures in black and white. That really took a load off my back.

Album Size: 5"x6-1/2" Matchbook type.

Materials Used: MME Tres Jolie pps 1) "Smile" Stripe/Corall Papier 2) "Love" Damask/Light Rose Papier 3) "Birthday Girl" Floral/Light Rose Papier; Canson cs as base paper; Kelly Panacci stickers; Rebecca Sower stickers; MM vintage brads.

Others: Simply Scrappy square template; corner rounder; ribbons; brass and gold embellies.


the dreamer said...

NITA!!!! Ang ganda!!! I'm so proud of you!!! Grabe ka, to think hindi mo pa masyado binigyan to ng effort, kasi nga kulang sa time. Pero, OMG!! Pang-magazine to, dear! Submit mo!!

Try mo lang, please, please, please. Hahaha. Kaya lang kelangan ipadala yung original pag natanggap. Tutal nasa States naman sister mo, sabihin mo paki padala muna nya pag natanggap. * big grin*

I believe in you, friend. You just have to believe in yourself. =)

the dreamer said...

Eto po yung link for Scrapbooks Etc. calls in

Try mo. Wala naman mawawala pag nag-try ka eh. =)


janujennifer said...

wish i could see all the pages of your's so great! and you're right, the black and white pics made it look better. i think it provided a little sentiment to the album.

benga said...

Hi Nita! O ha partida pa yan at gahol ka sa oras, ang ganda! I agree try mo mag-submit, suportahan taka! ;)