Thursday, November 29, 2007

RAK My World

Recently, Marj Velarde sent a call to fellow PS members to make a slide show of their scrapnook and stash. In return, she will be generously raffling off scrapbooking supplies to 5 lucky winners who complied. Which was very timely for me since I was in the process of rearranging my scrap area. What I didn't expect was my reaction when I started taking the pictures. I am not sure if it was intended by Marj, but all of a sudden I was made aware of the volume of stash I have already acquired. It literally made me stop taking pictures and sit down to think about it. By the next day, I have strengthened my resolve not to buy any more stuff until I have used 80% of my stamps, paint, dies and tools. I have also decided to stop buying any embellishments and finally buy myself clothes which God knows I desperately need. As for the PPS, I promise to buy only those that has no similar theme in my stash and/or I intend to scrap immediately because I already have an available picture for it. Now, the question is, can I keep these resolutions? Well see...

Thank you very much, Marj for the wake-up call :D

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