Friday, April 18, 2008


You know how we sometimes get terrified with using new and beautiful papers? Well, I found a technique for it: I let it stay long enough in my stash and when it gets old, it is not so daunting to use after all. Bad suggestion, I know – hehehe.

Now for the longest time, I didn’t know what to do with these papers. I kept staring at the big butterfly-looking frond and I’m stuck. Eventually I said: “What the heck, let’s cut it and see what I can do with it afterwards.” Midway through my cutting, I suddenly had a stroke of inspiration to turn it into a lotus and put my daughter’s picture smack right in the middle. To achieve this, I cut of the right top-most petal since it is going to be covered with the focal picture anyway and moved the petal at the bottom to fill-in the space there.

I then used a decorative shear to cut the aqua blue Chi-chi pps to give the base some semblance of texture. After all, it would be just too boring if all the pps are lined up horizontally with nothing to break the straight lines. After adhering all the base pps, I thought I’d raise the ready-made title using Darys 2mm foamies in order to create dimension.

The cluster of buttons you see on this page, was actually a collaboration with my artistic husband, Alain. I was looking for matching buttons and simply dumped a fistful of it on top of the page. My husband who was standing beside me said: “Hey wait, what if you do this” then he grabbed the buttons and dumped them as well to the top right portion of the page. He then said “Don’t move that… just glue them where they are”. You know what? I must agree, he was right! :D

Journaling reads: Your picture here said it all: you looked so at ease in these Crocs. For what it lacked in looks, it totally made up in comfort. In fact, the minute you put on your first pair, you were in flight. Being the over-indulgent mother that I am, I immediately bought you several pairs which would probably last you throughout your toddler years. -
Your very first pair of Crocs – April 2007

Materials used: Fancy Pants Chi-chi PPS; Kaleidoscope PPS (“Memories” Dots/Orange Paper); K& Co. Brenda Walton die-cut cardstock for the title; K&Co. Brenda Walton chipboard; Prima flowers; Me & My Big Ideas designer chipboard alpha; Beyond Postmarks metal art; Darys 2mm Foamies; Studio Azul Jan’08 kit buttons; Brad with bling.
Computer Font: Maiandra GD

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