Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pre-Idol Finals

Au and I would be the first to admit, we are two of the slowest scrappers - ever - and so the thought of the 3-hours time limit for the Idol Finals really terrifies us. We were afraid we might not finish in time and embarass ourselves infront of other people. LOL.

It seems ages ago, in fact I can't even remember who suggested it, but one of the girls said why not make a trial run. That way, we can estimate if we can indeed finish in time. There were supposed to be six of us, but Lee and Cabbie couldn't make it to our weekly GNO meet. So it was up to Mia, Tin, Au and I to make the trial run. Mitch was such an angel, she provided us with the "free" secret uniformed kit so all of us would be in even standing when we see the papers. Thank you very much Mitch.

I then borrowed my sister's egg-timer (picture of the chicken-timer to follow). Now, I don't know if the chicken was such a good idea. It was ticking so loudly it felt like a time bomb was about to go off any minute. Finally, Mia had to blurt out: "take that chicken away from me!" She said she was at her wits end and is about to throw it against the wall. Needless to say, I moved very fast. I wouldn't want my sister to stop talking to me simply because I returned her chicken in pieces - hehehe

Despite the fact Cabbie couldn't make it that day, she still participated by doing a delayed run. I specifically instructed her not to open her kit and to buzz me via YM so I can time her. You wouldn't freakin' believe it... she did in less than half the time - which is I guess why she "is" the Scrappin' Moms Idol Champion!

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