Thursday, April 24, 2008

Small Hands

Initially, I joined the Webster’s Pages challenge last January 2008 due to the incessant bidding of my best friend, Au. She kept brain-washing me practically every time we talk on the phone. She was saying: “Vivian is giving out three prizes. Not one, but THREE. So you’ll have more chances of landing at least one of them”. Au didn’t have to twist my arm too tight because as we all know, Lasting Impression is one of the foremost and biggest local store we have here in the Philippines. I mean, who wouldn’t want a free ticket to shop in Vivian’s store?!

I have to admit, I felt I was shooting for the moon when I was aiming for the third place. But I was desperate. I have been eyeing one of Vivian’s merchandise for the longest time, the “Page In Progress”. I felt with the third place voucher in the bag, I only need to shell out half the price. That was motivation enough for me to give it a try.

What I did not expect though was that I would overshoot my mark, let alone hit anything. I mean, after seeing the roster of talent who submitted for the challenge PLUS the awesome entries - it was anybody’s game. The judge could as well pull out a name from the hat and she could not go wrong. The entries are all fabulous! See for yourself:

So it really came as a huge surprise for me when Lee called up last March 21, 2008 which was a Good Friday to tell me I won in the challenge - and FIRST PLACE at that! I honestly thought she was pulling my leg. Half my mind was wishing desperately she was not but the other half would not believe it is true either. Talk about feeling confused. LOL!

Then as if the prize money was not enough, the gracious judge Ms. Brandin O’ Neill who is the Co-Owner and Executive Designer of Webster’s Pages has this to say about my entry: It’s not always easy incorporating all muted colors to make a visual impact. This designer did just that. The layering and positioning of the papers balanced with the image shows off the pureness of the design with the perfect innocence of the photo. The sweet message that the photo speaks is how we would like our papers to talk…if they had a voice! We love this layout. Bravo! Now THAT totally blew my mind. I was in sheer heaven! I mean, wouldn’t you?

Thank you very much Vivian for calling this challenge and THANK YOU Ms. O’ Neill for the wonderful comment. I am deeply moved.

Hidden journaling reads: These small hands will one day grow into a useful instrument capable in aiding you to achieve great things in your life. But inasmuch as it can do you a lot of good, it is also capable of hurting a lot of people. A simple wave of a hand can dismiss another human being seeking for help. It can also stop somebody from expressing their sincere sentiments with just an open palm raised to their face. So you see, my dear, you are borne with a grave responsibility along with the privilege of its use.

Please also remember, your hands do not have a mind of their own but instead carry on your will. Use them well. Let your conscience guide you. May you always use these hands as God intended: to aide your fellow men and to comfort those whom you cannot help with a simple touch that says: “I care”.

Materials used: Webster’s Pages Sweet Charity Collection PPS (Bouquet; Primrose Garden; Baby’s Breath); Webster’s Pages Vintage Home Collection letter stickers; Tres Jolie Tres Bien play cards; Prima Flower; MM Noteworthy Flower & Buttons; MM Floral/Dings foam stamp; White acrylic paint; Darys 2mm foamies; Crochetted ribbons; Simply Scrappy circle template.


CraftFairy said...

Wow, Nita! Gleng-gleng naman!!!

symbelly said...

Really happy for you!