Saturday, May 12, 2007

My Obsession

Below is my entry for the PS Blog’s very first challenge. Just in case any of you scrapbook magazine subscribers are wondering why this LO looks familiar, that’s because it is a scraplift of the table of contents of Creating Keepsakes magazine (see left).

As for the photo collage, I got the inspiration from a wall display of Banco de Oro’s West Avenue Branch. When I saw it at the back of the New Accounts section, I was struck with the ingenuity of the photographer and decided: hey, this would be a good idea for an LO. So here you have it :D

Journaling Reads:

Call me quirky, but whenever I hear the words compartments, organizers and storage systems – I get goose bumps and that pleasurable tickling sensation at the pit of my stomach. Yes, I’m obsessed with containers especially the clear or opaque ones.

I would swoon over gifts of travel pouches and keep myself entertained for hours shopping in the plastic house ware departments. I also take pride in using ordinary kitchen or hardware storage systems in unconventional ways – I fondly call it ‘thinking outside the box’ (pun intended).

I would buy stuff with the premise: I’m sure I’d be able to find a use for it later. Needless to say, I have an assortment of containers in my cabinet waiting for the perfect use for it in the future. It’s a compulsion I couldn’t resist. Perhaps there is truth after all to my best friend’s theory that the reason I love to scrapbook in the first place is because I get to organize the materials in neat pile of boxes.

Another motivating factor for me to hoard containers is that I’m an incurable pack rat. The cheaper and queerer an item is, especially if it looks romantically old – it will be in my basket faster than you can say “garbage”. With my wide variety of knick knacks, it is but understandable that I have to own an assortment of organizers and storage materials. So you see, it is not just merely an obsession, it is clearly a necessity.

Materials used: Bazzill & Canson cardstock ; Scrapbook Walls Butter Dots and Sky & Spruce Stripes ; Elmer’s Craft Bond glue ; Carla Craft corner rounder ; Coluzzle craft knife, cutting pad and circle template.

The Process: One at a time, cut 4 different pieces of 4”x5” photo into 1”x1” and re-assemble immediately before moving on to the next picture. After all photos are cut, put together into a collage of photo mosaic. Using a ribbed white Bazzill cardstock as a base, I took advantage of the vertical ribbing of the cardstock as a guide in aligning the 1”x1” photo. Additionally, I used Elmer’s Craft Bond to adhere the photo mosaic on the cardstock. Since it is a slow drying glue, I was able to move the picture around a bit while eye-balling the alignment. Next, reverse-print the title and date in plain white Bazzill cardstock and cut to size. Using the actual glued photo mosaic, I penciled the desired height for the different colored cs & pps components. Before gluing them to the ribbed cs, I used Carla Craft corner rounder for the four edges. Finally, using the Coluzzle circle template, I cut a 2” dia. circle on a 5th photo and glued it on top of the date and journaling cs as a finishing touch.

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